domingo, 3 de junho de 2012



14H 30M - para CHIANG MAI
16H 30M - para LOPBURI

Tickets for trains leaving the same or next day can be bought on the counters under the red/orange/green screens.
For the Advance Booking Office, walk back towards the platforms from the main entrance, and you should see the 'Advance Booking' sign on the far right.
Hualamphong's Advance-Booking Office is quite well-organised.
When you enter, take a numbered ticket from the machine and wait for your number to appear on the monitor.
There may be a long line, so allow time to wait.
There is a train plan posted, so you can select your own seat/berth when you book a ticket.
You can pay by cash or by credit card.
Reservations are computerized, and your ticket will have the train time and seat / berth number printed on it.


Food - If you arrive at the station hungry, don't worry,
as there are many dining choices inside.
Options include coffee shops, restaurants, a cafeteria,
several 'fast-food' outlets, convenience stores,
and platform vendors.
The vendors sell everything from bar-be-qued chicken
and fruit to bottles of whisky, beer and soft drinks.

como em todos os lugares públicos ou particulares

existe também aqui, na estação de combóios de Bangkok

um altar para todos poderem fazer as suas orações

o culto dos fiéis

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  1. Getting To / From Hualamphong Central Rail Station by Local City Transit

    - Since 2004 the station has been connected to the MRT subway system at Hualamphong Station.

    There is also 'Chao Phraya River Taxi'
    (see Bangkok Metro Section)
    access to Hualamphong Rail Station
    if you walk through Chinatown to Tha Ratchawong Pier, but the path is a bit tricky.

    The taxi stand is to the left of the platforms as you walk towards them.

    There is no organized 'line' for hiring a taxi, so you may have to fight for one during busy periods.

    Also, you may find even the 'Metered' taxis refusing to turn on their 'meters'.
    If this happens, get their badge number and report them to station authorities.

    There are City Bus Stops next to and across from Hualamphong Station for cheap and convenient transportation to all points
    in the Bangkok Area,
    including the Long-Distance Bus Terminals.

  2. Estimada Amiga e Ilustre Fotografa Ester Afonso,
    Linda e informativa reportagem sobre a estação central de combóios de Bangkok.
    As fotos falam por si, eu já utilizei por diversas os serviços ferroviários da Tail6andia saindo dessa imensa estação.
    Adorei sua reportagem. Eu morei durante alguns anos nessa avenida que vai dar aà estação, a Avenida Rama IV.
    Abraço amigo

  3. Eu apanho o próximooooo! Gostava de ir a´s províncias embora não deva ser muito seguro, digo eu!

  4. Amei toda a informacao da estacao. Se um dia tiver oportunidade de viajar ate a Tailandia, perdida nao vou ficar hehehe. bjokas